August 31, 2010

...first day of school...

I could blog about the first day of school and how crazy it was and how awesome the cheerleaders did at the assembly and how tired I was after school....BUT I figured this would be a lot more enjoyable for my blog readers. :)

(I do need a vent a little before I go on. The cheerleaders rocked it today at the first day of school assembly. I mean ROCKED it. We were only told on Friday that they would actually be given time to do something at the assembly. So, yesterday - YESTERDAY - they learned the entire routine. Cheer, transition to dance, cheer with stunt (that they learned on Friday!), cheer to transition to the dance, then dance with stunt. It was 4 minutes of nonstop action. They did it without a mistake! They made a difficult routine look so easy! I was so proud of them. They worked really hard to get that ready and perfected! I was so irritated when I was back in my office at lunch and overheard the teachers in the teacher's room saying "I thought we decided last year the cheerleaders were never going to be used as filler." I wanted to march in there and say - "You guys don't even know, let alone appreciate how hard these girls work EVERY day to produce something that shows the pride they have in representing their school. Every second of that 4 minute routine was planned and not one bit of it was filler. Where is your pride in the students you teach and the school you work at?!" Vent over.)
{My apologies to the CHS teachers who read my blog. Most likely you weren't even in the teachers room at lunch. :)}

Back to quilting:
I made this table runner while at Priest Lake. I had these strips left over from a quilt I pieced and wanted to use them up. I thought I was being creative only to come home to a tutorial on another blog pretty much identical to this one. Ah well. I'm not a tutorial writer. I'm a tutorial copier. :)

Remember - I love straight line quilting right now?! :)

Fabric: Verna by Kate Spain
Pattern: by Marcie
Quilted by: Marcie

August 30, 2010

...happy birthday to Melissa!...

Melissa's birthday always seems to last the entire month of's a rundown of ALL the celebrations for her big day!
Happy 2-6 Melissa!

We began the celebration of Melissa's birthday on Saturday. She spent the day in the Tri-Cities with Amy & Jessica getting pampered. Mom, Dad, Grandma, & I took her to Outback (her fav!) for our annual birthday dinner.

I spent Sunday morning feverishly sewing together this bag for Melissa's birthday present. I've had this fabric for MONTHS and of course, waited until the very last day to make it. In my defense, I did start a few weeks ago, royally screwed up when cutting the fabric, and had to sew it back together - just to re-cut it. Needless to say, it was in time out most of the summer. :)
Our good friend Stephanie Melgren wanted to make Melissa a cake for her birthday. I'd found this cute cake design in a magazine last year - and since today was also the first day of school for the elementary - this was the perfect cake for such a special day!
(Sorry about the picture - blogger retardedness!)

She made the first day of school slash birthday party fun for her 2nd graders. They all got birthday hats with their nametags on them!
At cheer practice this afternoon, the girls brought cupcakes and supplies for Melissa's birthday! They were so excited! I "borrowed" this birthday hat from one of the students today with the promise to return it tomorrow! He made sure I promised to bring it back!

When we got home after practice, Mom had Melissa's favorite dinner ready -
Strawberry Almond Chicken Salad. YUM!

Melissa insisted that she use the "RED PLATE" - which probably hasn't been used in 5+ years - but we always used to get to use it on our birthdays.

Even Samson wanted to give her a special birthday hug and kisses!

I think she had a pretty rad birthday - even if it had to be on the first day of school!

August 28, 2010

...buggy barn quilt show...

Today I got to go to the Buggy Barn Quilt Show in Rearden, WA with some fun quilting friends! I enjoyed spending the day with Jessica, Melissa, Marci, & Nichole...I haven't got to spend much time with Melissa, Marci, & Nichole, so it was a lot of fun to chat with them and enjoy the day.

There were quilts EVERYWHERE!! They were hung and draped over every available surface. You definitely felt the quilting bug!

So many quilt inspirations...

The Buggy Barn quilts kind of intimidate me - well, they intimidate me A LOT. :) However, I think I could do this one. It's so cute!!

This is the one that I completely fell in love with! I bought the pattern and found a kit on the website tonight. I'm definitely going to try this one!

What a fun day. Thanks so much girls! It was such a fun day!

August 27, 2010


I'm finally getting a chance to post more pictures from cheer camp! I missed the last day of camp because I had to start work...and well, haven't had much of a life outside of school since then!

I think the girls really had a great camp experience. Their instructor, Megan, was a lot of fun and really knowledgeable. I'm really impressed with all they learned and what they were able to accomplish as a team. It makes me excited for this season. They're going to be able to do so many fun things!

They had a karaoke sing-off on the last day...

The entire squad with Megan.

The dance they learned has some really cute moves:
We had a cheer off and Madi & Kayla won!
This is the look we get from Sommer when we say it's time for stunting!
The girls are really excited for their first game next Friday in Othello and to show off their dance routine at the Eagles Nest BBQ on Thursday!

August 19, 2010

...a quilt for Libby...

I'm really excited to share this quilt!
I finished up the top back in February for a little Miss who wasn't set to arrive until May!
I took it the quilters and didn't get it back until the end of May.
I decided to hold on to it and give it to her for her baptism, which is this Sunday.

So - here is Libby Rae Clark's quilt!
(I couldn't get any good pictures of it - with good color!)

I love the quilting! These cute flowers and swirls are all over!

Fabric: Not sure? a variety from Craft Warehouse
Quilted by: Village Quiltworks, Richland, WA

August 18, 2010

...ellie's baby quilt...

This quilt is for one of my new friends (whom I haven't even got to meet yet!) that was born in July -
Ellie Jewell.
I've been really liking straight line quilting lately - and being creative with it!
This one was fun - just lots of squares!
Welcome to the world Ellie! You are loved!

Fabric: Verna by Kate Spain
Pattern: Verna by Moda
Quilted by: Marcie

August 16, 2010

...cheer camp day #1...

Today was our first day of cheer camp - the first day all the squads worked together as a team! They did great! They're learning new dances & cheers to perform at the first day of school assembly and at the Eagle's Nest BBQ!
Props to the girls - it was so hot today (and supposed to be hotter tomorrow) and they all participated with great attitudes and worked hard all day long.

This is the 2010 camp t-shirt design. We'll be taking orders for these t-shirts beginning at the Eagle's Nest BBQ for $15.
(Just had to plug. I think they're pretty cute shirts!)

After camp this afternoon, we had team pictures with Dorian's.
And surprisingly, they still had a lot of energy left after camp to hold up the goal posts!!

August 13, 2010

...getting things checked off my list...

I set out this morning to whip through my to do list...
I started off great...

I took pictures of all the quilts & sewed some labels on the back of a few.

I can't share them yet because I don't want to spoil the surprise for any of the recipients!
I basted, quilted, and sewed the binding a baby quilt. I have one more to do before the weekend is over.
My Dad came down with my January-June 2010 blog book that had just been delievered.
I got a little distracted looking at it... whoops... :)

Then, Dad and I finally put together this shelving unit to hold our Longaberger baskets & accessories.
I put some of the baskets on there - not really sure how to organize it right now.
{My Mom will be mortified to see that I posted a picture of our store room on my blog. Don't look close!}
I got a baby gift shipped off this afternoon...
and...that's pretty much where checking items off my to-do list ended.

There's always tomorrow!!

August 12, 2010

...great find!...

I set out today to find some backing fabric for two baby quilts I made at the Lake.
I've "heard" around the quilting blogging world that flat sheets work well for backing, so I figured I'd try it on these.
I went to Target and found these flat sheets for just $5! WOW!

And the colors match pretty well!
I'll let you know how it goes!

August 11, 2010

...i have a problem...

Does anyone else have a BIG PROBLEM with
White House, Black Market

'Cause I do.
It's not right.
I'm just sayin'.