December 28, 2010

{ more Christmas gifts }

I can finally share the rest of the gifts I made it for Christmas presents! Everything is with their intended owner!

This is my Pinwheel Sampler Quilt. I started it in…oh February 2010…and finished it in December 2010!

I made it fully intending to gift it at our Heider Family Christmas Gift Exchange.

I even made it in fabric I didn’t think I’d love (Make Life… by Sweetwater).

I pieced the top together…Loved it. I had it quilted at the Village Quiltworks. I may have had to leave my right arm there as payment, but I LOVE IT!! The backing fabric is all paisleys and the quilting is done in paisleys. LOVE. Love. LOVE.

exchange quilt (1)

I learned a lot by piecing this quilt. It’s all pinwheels – which I learned I DON’T love – but I did it!! I spent many many hours with this quilt….it was really hard to wrap it up and not know who it was going home with. I made all the Koch’s pinky promise that they would fight their tails off for it.

exchange quilt (6)

It got passed around a lot in the game, but finally Grandma got it and no one wanted to be mean and steal it from her – so she got it! YAY! And – she said it could stay at our house! YAY! Whew!

exchange quilt (7)

This is my favorite block.

exchange quilt (8)

I made this little snuggly quilt for Kamryn. It is really really soft on the back – perfect for snuggling!

kamryn's quilt (1)

It’s the Get Framed Pattern from Moda Bake Shop and Bliss fabric by Thimble Blossoms.

kamryn's quilt (2)

kamryn's quilt (3)

Ahh! So soft!!

kamryn's quilt (4)

Last, but not least, I made this camera strap cover for my friend Amy. It may have been one of the hardest things I’ve ever made! I used this Camera Strap Cover Tutorial by Amanda of Fonts for Peas.

photo 4

I had to guess on the length and width, but Amy says it fits perfectly! YAY!
I used fabric leftover from Melissa’s Birdie Sling bag – so they’re sorta matching!

photo 5

And now – done with the Christmas gifts – onto the baby gifts! The fun never ends around here!

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