December 1, 2010

{ december 1 }

Two years ago, I participated in a “Journal Your Christmas” class, I guess you’d call it. I enjoyed reflecting on Christmas’ past, present, and future; recalling old memories and traditions. I started to look around online for something like that for this year and found this: It was just what I had in mind! So – for the next 30 days, I’ll be journaling along with #Reverb10.
Today’s prompt is to “encapsulate 2010 in one word.”
I think the word that encapsulates 2010 for me is
For example:
  • Kamryn, fresh from God.
  • my new eyesight, a fresh perspective on things.
  • time spent at Priest Lake, soaking in the fresh air.
  • Fresh starts
What’s your word?

ok, after day #3, I decided this reverb10 thing is not for me. So - day 1 is my last.

Tonight at youth group is the night that we hand out “adoption papers” for the families we adopt. Each youth group-ie (as I like to call them) is asked to adopt a family member and they’re assigned either clothing or a gift. They’re also asked to bring household or food items (specific items listed on cards). I am always amazed at their open and willing hearts to provide for people that are less fortunate. They are so giving and so happy to be able to give these families a Christmas. I’m thankful for our youth tonight!

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