December 5, 2010

birthday surprise!

This afternoon, Grandma, Mom, Karlye, Melissa, & I headed to the Tri-Cities. We made the mandatory Starbucks stop and then got our nails done. We wanted to get something to eat afterwards and everyone decided we wanted Mexican. Melissa & Mom insisted on going to Hacienda del Sol in Pasco – even though it was much farther away than Azteca at the mall. I wasn’t going to argue, so over to Pasco we went.

I was so surprised to walk into the restaurant and see so many of my favorite people! Melissa pulled off a great surprise! I am so blessed to have great friends and family!! It’s not even my birthday until Friday!

Look at all these adorable babies and their awesome mommas!!


Candace & Libby, Lindsey & Ellie, and Kate & Kamryn

I didn’t get pictures with everyone – but here are a few…

Kate & I


My cousin Kevin & I with his scruffy “I’m a farmer now” beard…


Melissa & I


and my Mom and I.


Thanks to Mom & Dad, Melissa, Karlye, Grandma, Kevin & Tiffany, Amy Kleinbach, Fran & Gracee Waters, Jessica Perkins, Lindsey & Ellie Fangman, Doug & Tiffany Schneider, Nick, Kate, & Kamryn Johnson, Gavin Johnson, and Chris, Candace, Delt, & Libby Clark for making my birthday so special!

After lunch, we went to the Mall to shop at the Buckle & Macy’s, got another drink at Starbucks, turned on the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas album, and went to look at Christmas lights! So fun!

Thanks again to everyone who came to lunch and especially my family for the surprise birthday lunch! Loved it and you!


Mikaela said...

That sounds like fun! Happy early birthday. Also, you look great in that green sweater. Love it!

Jessica said...

I think we kinda like you or something;)