December 5, 2010

{ I scrapbooked?! }

I wasn’t sure that I still knew how to scrapbook since it has been since April that I’ve done it.

However, this last week with my sewing machine in the shop (which – it’s back! fixed and ready to roll!), I decided to see if I still could create a few pages.

Luckily, I had an inspiring subject!

December 10 (3)

December 10 (4)

Also, I haven’t shared these cute Christmas Countdown blocks yet. About two weeks ago, Jessica, Fran, Amy, Bobbie, & I got together to craft. Amy, Jess, & I made these – Fran made some other cute wooden blocks – and Bobbie made a really pretty vase filled with ornaments and Christmas lights.

Jessica found this website – Makia Creations – that we got the kits from. They were pretty quick and fairly easy to make. I think they’re adorable!

photo 3

More quilt pictures are coming to the blog this week! Watch out!

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