December 11, 2010

.happy birthday to marcie.

Today is my dear sister's [30th] birthday,
so I hijacked her blog to share the 30 most special things (to me) about Marcie...

she's a good mom to Samson.creativity.leadership.cute to youth.impressive blogging abilities.super crafty.eye for fashion.always wears the perfect amount of jewelry.she let's me call her koochsie, James, and smelly.her nails always look nice.compassion for others.great gift giver.amazing cheer coach.quilter.she has good taste in TV.she is a wonderful friend to many people.her beautiful handwriting.counselor.quick reader.easy going of travel.nostalgic.patriotic.she's a classy lady.amazing online shopper.

Marcie, I hope your birthday is just as special as you are. I love you.

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Countrylivn' said...

Very nice! I think we all have to agree, Marcie is AMAZING! Happy birthday girlie! LOVE YOU! Mijken