December 15, 2010

{ Christmas Card }

It’s time for me to share my Christmas card & the letter that accompanied it. They’ve all gone out in the mail and I’ve only received one back with a bad address! Success! I’ve been enjoying the Christmas cards we’ve received here at home. I got one yesterday that I’m still chuckling over the letter… “We keep him around since he looks like everyone else. It’d be hard to give him away.”
I’m no comic writer, so my letter is pretty straightforward…Enjoy.
Holiday Greetings to you from Connell, WA!
As I addressed each envelope, I thought especially about each of you and how you have made an impact on my life. I am thankful for the special friends and family that enrich my life every day!
For me, the highlight of 2010 was the blessing of being asked to be the godmother of Kamryn Baumann Johnson. My dear friends Nick & Kate added Kamryn to their family in April. I am humbled and blessed for the opportunity to be part of Kamryn’s life in this way. I love watching her learn and explore the world around her and can’t wait for each new stage in her life.
The most life changing event of the year for me was having LASIK surgery in April. I have been thrilled with the results and would recommend it to anyone! I have steadily added to my sunglasses collection since April!
The trip of 2010 was in June when my Grandma, Mom, my sister Melissa, my cousin Lisa, and I enjoyed a few days in Las Vegas! We had a great time exploring the city and dragging Grandma around the Strip! We enjoyed seeing the Cirque de Soleil show “O” and “The Price is Right.” Lisa & I both got to go on stage at “The Price is Right” and participate in the pricing games! What an experience!
Other highlights of the year include Spring Break in Seattle, 6 weeks at Priest Lake over the summer, and coaching football cheerleading with Melissa. I continued to enjoy the art of quilting – making many quilts & table runners for gifts for weddings and babies this year. I enjoyed two crafting weekends with friends and family; getting to spend time with the ones I love and crafting – The Best!
My Mom has had good health reports in the last year – we are thankful for each positive report and for all of the doctors that contribute to her well-being. She is a true miracle. I am humbled by God’s grace each time I think back on our week in Seattle in April 2009. My Dad continues to keep busy with his job as County Commissioner. He travels to the Tri-Cities every day for meetings for the various boards his is on. He has been able to experience different parts of our beautiful state and country attending conferences and meetings. Melissa teaches 2nd grade at Connell Elementary and realized a dream come true this fall when she opened a tap dance studio, “Just Dance.” She has about 25 students in 4 classes two days a week. Her students are darling, especially the little ones, who look up in awe to “Miss Melissa.”
I love this time of year for catching up with family and friends. Facebook really helps with making the world smaller and keeping in touch with friends and family miles away. To keep updated on my life & happenings – check out my blog at
I hope this Christmas greeting finds each of your families happy and in good health.
May God’s peace continue to bless you and your families in 2011.
With Love, Marcie Koch

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