December 15, 2010

{ baby Louise }

My cousin Lisa sent more pictures of her sweet new baby girl & the adorable big sister today!

I had to share! Louise will be 1 week old tomorrow!







Check Frances out! She was dressed up for a special occasion – I’ll let Lisa explain:


The picture of Frances in the dress is from Sunday.  She and Jon were able to attend a Christmas party at the White House.  They got their picture taken with the Obamas, so we'll try and send that out, if possible, when we get it.  Apparently, she was the life of the party.  No other 'kids' were there (Jon said the next oldest was probably 7-ish), so that made her stand out from the get go.  Jon said she was a total goofball and everyone loved her.  Wish I could've been there to see her, but glad she'll have this experience to share when she's older...even if she won’t remember.

I’m no Obama fan, but that’s pretty cool! Smile

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