September 25, 2010

…Let’s Go Eagles!…

Last night, the Connell Eagles took on the Ki-Be Bears.

As Melissa and I were walking over to the home side of the field, she said, “Have you ever blogged about that?” Meaning, the “Connell” way of viewing a football game! There are only a few sets of bleachers on the home side of the field and most of the people sit on blankets on the side of the hill. Some people have sawed off the back legs of plastic chairs so that they fit on the side of the hill. Most people just bring blankets. The kids run around and roll down the hill. It’s an interesting way to watch the game – but fun too. I don’t like it that it’s hard to visit with people other than who you’re sitting by.

vs Ki-Be 9-24 (2)

Our awesome choir sang the Star Spangled Banner. They were all in purple and gold – but some were in their football uniforms, cheer uniforms, and even the Eagle mascot was in the choir!

vs Ki-Be 9-24 (3)

Speaking of the Eagle, a student came this week and asked about being the Eagle. It was raining on Thursday so I told him that we could take the mascot uniform in the rain so he couldn’t do it on Friday. On Friday morning, he came and said, “Ms. Koch – it looks pretty sunny outside today!” He was a great mascot and he’s excited to do it again at the next home game, which is Homecoming!

vs Ki-Be 9-24 (4)

Our cheerleaders were very excited to show off their new skills this week. They were REALLY excited to do shoulder stands!

 vs KiBe 9-24 vs KiBe 9-24 (1)

 vs KiBe 9-24 (2) vs KiBe 9-24 (3)  vs Ki-Be 9-24 (1)

They had quite a few stunts and are starting to look more like a team. Pretty exciting!

Oh right – the football game. It was kinda boring. We won 77-20!

Rolling on to next week – we’re travelling to Burbank!  


David and Kira said...

oh the choir performed!!! I like the eagle! I wonder what the other team thought about that! hehe!!

Jessica said...

looking good ladies. i actually wonder what bleachers would be like......

Countrylivn' said...

Your girls have got TALENT! I love it, I miss CHS football! Thanks for sharing, brings back good memories! although we never got to use the new stadium, we helped build it, but never used it.....we sat for the games on the concrete bleechers, good ol days!