September 18, 2010

…a trip to Cashmere…

So, yesterday, Melissa & I loaded up the cheerleaders and headed to Cashmere for the football game. This was the third trip in three years we’ve made to Cashmere, with a record of 1-1.

When we got there, it was just lightly sprinkling.

Not too long into the first quarter – when the score was already 20-0, Cashmere – it started raining steadily and quickly turned into a heavy downpour. The Tri-City Herald headline today says “Cashmere shocks Connell” and that’s pretty much the truth. They quickly made a touchdown in the first 2 1/2 minutes and didn’t look back. Cashmere shut down our winning streak. Hopefully our guys will pull it together this week and come out strong against KiBe on Friday.

So remember that heavy downpour? Although it was pretty miserable for all spectators, the cheerleaders used this opportunity to try out their new rain jackets! They protected them from the rain and were cute too! Success!

photo 3 photo 2photo 1  Another week down – many more to come! We’re working on some pretty fun stuff to come in the next few weeks!!

Probably the best part of going to Cashmere was getting to see my friend Lyndsay and meet her two guys – Brad & Rayce! We hadn’t seen each other in years – literally – 4-5 years – so it was great to see her!! She recently moved back to Cashmere from Alaska – perfect timing!


Jessica said...

cute jackets. and glad they got to use them---even though that means you had to sit in the rain:)

melissa said...

Good call on the rain jackets, coach! Terrible game, but cute cheerios!!:)