September 4, 2010

...'tis the season of giving...

I'm finally catching up on getting gifts delivered this week! Christmas is the season of giving? Nah, wedding season!

Back in the end of May, Jessica and I had a modern day quilting bee and whipped this up for our senior cheerleader, Katelyn.
We got it finished this week and gave it to her just in time for her to take to college with her this weekend.

I don't know the name of the fabric or the pattern - but it was quilted by the talented Jessica!

This table runner was given to Julie Hawkins and Scott Bartholomew as a wedding gift.
Fabric: Botany by Lauren and Jessi
Pattern: Disappearing Nine Patch by p.s. i quilt
Quilted by: Marcie

This one was given as a wedding gift for Tiffani Brook and Kohl St. Peter.
Fabric: Santorini
Pattern: by Sandi Gervais
Quilted by: Marcie
(I loved the pieced back!)

Just a few more wedding gifts to complete in the next few weeks!

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janica said...

i just have to say those table runners are gorgeous!!