September 13, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about friends today - especially "old" friends.
I mean, friends from childhood, although we are getting older. :)

Today, one of my oldest friends turns 30. She's one of the first of my friends that I grew up with to turn 30. Trailblazer that she is.
It's hard to believe that this milestone is upon us. I mean, it just seems like yesterday that we were all sharing in the excitement of turning 16 and driving each other downtown for lunch.
How did we get here and when did that happen?!

As it happened, I also got to catch up a bit with an equally "old" friend this evening. We live hundreds (thousands?) of miles apart and our paths don't cross as much as they used to. I don't get to talk with childhood friends often, but when I do, I really realize how much I missed them in the time since our last conversation.

I guess I'm feeling nostalgic. Today I went to the funeral of Arnold Hudlow - a family friend and church family member. I don't remember ever seeing our church that full. There were many many old friends there to remember the man that Arnold was. I'm sure there was a lot of catching up and sharing stories & memories today. Maybe I'm a little jealous of all the friends that got to sit together today and share meal and conversation. Not that it was a happy event, but an opportunity to be together nonetheless.

It's days like today, when I realize that I am missing the comfortableness of a childhood friend, that I remember how lucky I am to count those friends among the nearest and dearest in my life.

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