September 11, 2010

…remembering September 11…

I couldn’t resist watching the History channel this afternoon with footage and survivor stories of September 11th. I remember that day so very well.

Just 13 days before was the accident at my Dad’s shop. I was back in Spokane, my parents in Seattle, and Melissa in Connell. Things were still touch and go with my Dad. I felt like I was just surviving in Spokane. I had just moved into a duplex (out of the dorm for the first time) with some roommates. I probably was not a very fun roommate during those first few weeks. I felt like I was barely getting by going to school, working, keeping up on homework, staying in close communication with my family across the state – including going to Seattle or home to Connell every weekend. I tried to keep myself busy so as not to think too much about what my parents were going through.

So, on September 11th, I was feeling quite vulnerable and fragile.


Our family had been attacked by a fire. Our nation was being attacked by terrorists.

It was too much.

I was feeling desperate to regain control of my life and sense of normalcy. In a matter of minutes, those feelings were suddenly shared by the entire nation.

In the days following the attack on America, I remember the overwhelming pride I felt when driving through Spokane and seeing flags flying outside homes. Reader boards at businesses displaying “We Will Never Forget”, “United We Stand” and “God Bless America.” Yellow ribbons around trees. It was such a unifying feeling. No matter what was happening to our country, we were in this together.


The next day, on September 12th, the community organized a benefit dinner for our family. It also reminded me that our family was not facing this challenge alone. We had so many friends and family supporting us. It was so overwhelming.

Those two huge events in my life are paralleled. Connected. I can’t hardly think of one without the other. This time of the year reminds me of those first weeks of September in 2001. The weather, the sky, the feeling in the air.

Today is a day of remembering. I definitely will Never Forget.

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