September 30, 2010

…a little cheerio love…

I got some pictures of the cheerleaders from the yearbook staff…and there are some great ones! Maybe this kinda sorta makes up for all the pictures I don’t take at games. I’m terrible.

This picture of Madi is great because I always tell her to get her tongue INSIDE her mouth where it belongs. :) PROOF!!

Picture 119

Sommer’s favorite move from the dance we (I mean, they) did at the first game.

 Fall Sports from Greg Gerson 016

Another cute one from Carly.

Fall Sports from Greg Gerson 015

Fall Sports from Greg Gerson 019

Fall Sports from Greg Gerson 010

Fall Sports from Greg Gerson 022

Last week, Daniel from the yearbook staff came to practice and did a photo shoot with the girls. It was really fun – a new tradition perhaps?!

 Football Pics 112

  Football Pics 016

 Picture 126

 Picture 145

 Picture 148

And some fun ones…

 Picture 175

 Picture 176

They’ve been working so hard this week to get some new stunts – including a basket toss and a stunt routine for Homecoming next week! They are rockstars!


Jessica said...

Great pictures....what a cute bunch. Did we only judge on looks this year:)

Anonymous said...

great pics Marcie! I so miss cheer :-(
Amy K