February 28, 2010

...crafty cuteness...

I spent some much needed time in the craft room last night working on some projects. As usual, I have a lot of ideas in my head, but never enough time to get them done.

Last week when Kate was here, we were talking about hair bows for Baby J. I found a tutorial online and got to work last night. I think they turned out so cute.
They were perfect for her baby shower today!

I got a little out of control....
They were so fun! I realized I forgot to make a Cougar Crimson one, so I'll have to do that. So many options - and only so many days of the week to wear them! :)

I also spent some time last night making this super hero cape for a little friend of mine that is turning 4 this week! I've had this idea for a while and even bought the fabric a while ago. I've been scared to start it, but I finally buckled down and went for it. I had a pattern that I kinda-sorta used, but used some skills that I've learned doing other projects (bags and self-binding receiving blankets) to make it my own.
It turned out more rectangled than A-lined, which kinda stinks. Now I know. :)


The Perkins said...

very very cute bows. what did you use to make the headbands???
Love the cape. I might need a mommy cae:) just kidding!!

David and Kira said...

Good job marcie!! Love it all!! You are so talented.

Jake & Hannah said...

What tutorial did you use for the hairbows? Poor Kaylee still has no hair and is in serious need for her mommy to make her some hair bands so she's not mistaken for a boy!!