February 7, 2010

...crafters getaway...

I'm exhausted...48 hours of staying up late, getting up early, laugh until my sides were going to explode, being frustrated, getting lots accomplished, discovering new projects, and enjoying time with friends.
It was a successful weekend!!

We gathered on Friday afternoon. Load after load after load came into our little home away from home to set up everything we'd possibly need for the next two days.
Thirty-two ladies. Endless amounts of everything you'd ever want from a scrapbook, quilt, bead, or general craft store. Ah-may-ZING!
Friday was also the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women day, which encouraged everyone to wear red in support of women's heart health.

Melissa emailed lots of people on Thursday to get the word out and it was great to see so many people support the cause. We had an added interest this year - thanks Mom. :)

This was funny...I got this...thing...last year. It's a gripper that suctions to the acrylic ruler and then you hold onto it for added support so your ruler doesn't move around.
Kate loved it and so I got her one for her birthday.

We laugh because they look like telephones - silly joke - "Hello?! Hello?!" It made for good laughs!

And - this is the only picture I got of Ronda this weekend! My good good friend Ronda was visiting this weekend from Minnesota. It was SOO good to see her and catch up a little. We used to spend practically every day together and this time, I hadn't seen her since June!

I took lots and lots of projects - I knew I wouldn't complete them all, but I wanted to have options! :) There were a few things I definitely wanted to finish - this was one of them!

I've been sewing these blocks for a good month, so I was excited to get them arranged and sewn together. Kate & Jessica helped me arrange them - thank you so much. Good friends. :)

I was real excited to take this Machine Quilting class from Melissa Kelly. Look at her beautiful work displayed on the wall! I think I can do it - but my machine wasn't cooperating.

{Right now, the other windows open on my computer are and - looking for something new!!}

I've been wanting to learn this skill for a while, but was scared to - but it's not scary at all!
It was fun to spend some time with Melissa too!

She let me try out her Bernina - my first time sewing on a Bernina!! Looks good, right?!

Kara and Martha taught Make & Take classes - Kara's was a mini-accordian brag book and Martha had a cute elastic bracelet. So talented!

Here are some fun ladies and their projects:

Bonnie learned to bead and bead she did! She was a beading maniac!

Eileen made this super cute bag for Sharon. It was adorable!

Kate & Beth were on their apron kick again this year and put together these 8 aprons for a retreat next weekend. So cute too!

So - summary of projects worked on this weekend:

1. Quilted my Deer Valley Disappearing Nine Patch
2. Sewed together blocks of the Wild Thing quilt
3. Tried to learn machine quilting
4. Started my Cross quilt
5. Helped Kate with her flannel quilt
6. Learned how to make a Self-Binding Receiving Blanket - finally! and completed one! plus a burp rag!

Already looking forward to next year!


The Perkins said...

I miss hanging out all ready. I have done nothing but sleep and wander aimlessly around today--I couldnt even LOOK at my sewing machine!!!

Troy and Jana Withers said...

that sounds super fun! :)

Countrylivn' said...

I didnt know you could cram that much fun under one roof! I want to come next year too- is it in Connell? I love Mellisa's quilts, I need to do more machine quilting, it would help to learn how to do it right first I guess... thanks for the fun post, so jealous!

ellsworth family said...

Looks like a fabulous time! How you did you enjoy the machine quilting? Isn't it fun!

David and Kira said...

How fun! That would be fun to go with a lot of friends!! So did Melissa go or did she just teach a class? Looks like you got a lot accomplished!!

Knight Family said...

Okay, I certainly hope you DID get your nap after finding out you were working hard all weekend. Love the pictures. Looks like a fun class! :)

Knight Family said...

OOps, that was me, Mikaela, I'm on my mom's computer, and apparently forgot to log her out! :)