February 23, 2010

...celebrating birthdays...

It was fun to help celebrate Kate's birthday today, first with lunch with David, Karen, and Gavin, then with Beta tonight! Kate & I had the program for Beta, which we've had the plans for what to do for almost a year! We were excited to get to sign up for Kate's birthday and decided to throw a birhday party!

We decorated the living room
{This picture is hard to see - but it's a table cloth with confetti on it and a basket with party favors.}

We had frost-your-own cupcakes for dessert...with sprinkles!!
We made my Grandma's delicious favorite!
Here's the birthday girl!
and her birthday buddy, Martha.
Kate and I researched online today about birthdays. She had some interesting information about the origination of birthday celebrations and how birthdays are celebrated around the world. I found print outs of each Beta member's "On the Day You Were Born" and had a little quiz and shared everyone's information.
I think everyone had fun - Kate & I sure did!!

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ellsworth family said...

Sounds like fun. And look and that beautiful table runner!!!