December 3, 2012

.kamryn time.

Nick, Kate, & Kamryn got back from Hawaii this week so we had them over for dinner to catch up and hear about their trip! Dad & I made Sweet & Sour Chicken and Fried Rice from a Pinterest recipe
(  – definitely a keeper!

After dinner we went downstairs and Kamryn found an old purse to play with. We had fun finding all kinds of little things in the craft room for her to put in her purse!

photo 1

 photo 2

And then packing and repacking it!

 photo 3

This little stinker knows when you want to take a picture of her and she will not look or smile.

 photo 4

Then today, she got to come back and play during the Volleyball banquet. We watched a Christmas movie and played with the My Little Pony’s. It makes me smile when she plays with the ponies – thinking of the hours and hours and hours Melissa and Kamryn’s Aunt Angie played with those same ponies. Still fun, a generation later!

 photo 1

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