December 16, 2012

.jury duty.

photo 1

How lucky am I? I got called to be a juror for two weeks from November 12-23 in Franklin County court. Luckily, between Vetrans Day and Thanksgiving, I didn’t have to report.

A few weeks after I got the county jury duty summons, I received a summons for District (Federal) jury duty! I had to call in from December 7-21 – but on Friday the message said there were no more trials until 2013, so I didn’t have to call in any longer. Whew! District court is in Richland or Yakima – and I really wasn’t looking forward to having to go to Yakima. The only bright side of that would’ve been getting to see Megan, Chris, & Abby!

I don’t mind serving…in fact, this is a good time of the year for me to do it since work is slower than usual during November and December. I’m just glad I didn’t have to this time – and especially glad I didn’t have to go to Yakima!

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