December 23, 2012

.heider hooligans 2012.

For a few years now, my extended Heider family has been saying we need to get together…we need to get together…let’s see each other somewhere other than a wedding or a funeral! We used to get together at Christmas time each year, but haven’t done it for about 20 years. Since then, the 3 Heider brothers have passed away (my Grandpa Walt and his brothers, Robert & Alvin) so they were greatly missed at this party – but would’ve LOVED it if they were there!

We went to my Mom’s cousin Jim’s new “man cave” – it was unlike any man cave I’d ever seen! Jim has been on a few safaris and has brought back some incredible animals. I’m not into that, but it was pretty amazing to see all of them. I think he was just missing a giraffe and maybe a hippo. :)

It was so great to see everyone and just get to hang out! We don’t get to do that often enough!

Here’s some pictures from the day – most of them taken by my Mom’s cousin Lori.

This was the whole group that was there.


Ping pong was popular – although mostly with the Ritzville Heider’s. :)



Wendy and Kim – they were friends growing up and then Kim married into the family so now they’re cousins! So fun! Wendy claimed one of the fox pelts and wore it around throughout the night!


Jim, Amber, & Mark


Amber rocked Alaina to sleep and then Alaina stayed asleep in her arms for a few hours!


The original Heider girls – Lori, Mom, and Wendy


Alaina – the new generation!


Shane & Gavin


BJ & Amber


Martin & Wendy made the trek from Bellevue – it wouldn’t have been the same without them.


My aunt Kim, Wendy, and my Mom


These three handsome guys were all born the same year -
BJ, Mark, & Jim

They were having Black Velvet and water in honor of their Dads!


These three lovely ladies all teach 5th grade – the best Heider 5th grade teachers in the state!
Aimee, Amber, & Wendy


Gavin and Shane


Uncle Gavin and Alaina


Grandma and I – I think someone else must’ve been taking a picture of us!


My crazy Uncle Mark!


Go Grandma Go! :) Fireball with Wendy!


Handsome bunch of men – BJ, Kelly, Jim, & Dad


so cute – Lori & Mom


The A’s – Andee, Amber, Alaina, and Aimee



AH! Karlye finally got here!

heiders 2 (4)

Gavin, Karlye, & Mark


Ah – we left early and missed this fun cousin picture!

 heiders 1 (1)

The Jo’s – they have all the fun!
Mom, Karlye, & Wendy

 heiders 1 (2)

Karlye double fisting it to catch up with the rest of us!

 heiders 2 (1)

  heiders 2 (5)

 photo 3

Can’t wait for the next one! Love the crazy Heider’s! :)

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