December 29, 2012

.pickle backs.

Yesterday, I got to go to the Tri-Cities with Nick, Kate, & Kamryn to run some errands and then meet up with the Clark’s!

Kamryn had super cute french braid pigtails – seriously adorable!

photo 1

It was so great to see Chris, Candace, Delt, & Libby! I was at the Lake this summer and missed seeing them, so it had been about 10 months since I’d seen Chris & the kids last. They are growing up so much!

 photo 2

 photo 3

These two are so cute together!

 photo 4

 photo 5

  photo 2

We left the kids with Dale & Ginger, Chris’ parents, and went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Even though it was past our birthdays, Candace took a quick ride on the saddle!

 photo 3

We went to the mega liquor store – did some browsing and a little beer tasting…

 photo 4

and then met up with Delt, Mari, and their friends at Uncle Sam’s Saloon. They had been there for quite a while and were having a grand old time! One of their friends ordered Pickle Backs – which look as nasty as they sound. I didn’t even have one and they still made me cringe. It was supposed to be a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice – but they came already mixed together. Dis.Gust.Ting. Chris had THREE – and we made a quick getaway after the 3rd so he could get something to cleanse his palate. I think it’s permanently damaged after that nastiness.

It was so fun to get to be with Chris & Candace – but makes me really miss getting to be around them all the time. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll come back to the area before too too long!!!

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