November 24, 2012


We got to spend Thanksgiving at Grandma’s new home this year! Everyone brought something and we had a fantastic feast – with all of our favorite traditions!

Sweet potatoes…frozen pumpkin pie…raspberry pretzel salad…YUM!

tg1 (2)

We were all so tired after the meal – we had to do something to stay awake…

tg1 (1)

so we played Progressive Rummy – our favorite!

tg1 (4)

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle – Karlye won – by A LOT!!!

tg1 (3)

We all met back at Grandma’s on Friday evening – after a day of work for some, Black Friday shopping for others, and the Apple Cup game for Amber & Alex.

We had more than enough food for a 2nd meal!

Sitting around Grandma’s kitchen table…

tg (2)

After dinner, we brought in Christmas tree that Mom & I had picked up for Grandma. Melissa and I put it up, then Kim & Karlye helped decorate it.

 tg (1)

Fun evening with family – love these guys!!

   tg (4)

 tg (5)

Kim brought me a quilt book that her mom, Freda, had asked her to give to me a few years ago before she passed away. The book has many classic quilt block patterns so it will be a great resource for me! So special to have something from Freda! <3

    tg (3)

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