March 30, 2011

. today .

This week has been pretty busy at work – which makes the days go by fast. Like like like! – Especially since Spring Break starts on Friday and the time can’t go fast enough!

Jennifer & I are working hard on getting all the student class requests entered into the computer. We got through all of them today and updated the requests to include classes needed to fulfill graduation requirements. Tomorrow we’ll get to look at numbers…then sections and teaching assignments…then we’ll get to start creating the Master Schedule. If only it was as easy at it sounds!

I’ve been bringing home work each night this week, so I haven’t had the time or energy to go downstairs. I have been putting in my time on Pinterest, which leads to this:


a common problem of mine.

I made it downstairs tonight after Youth Group and started quilting a quilt with straight line stitching along the seam. Hope to finish it up tomorrow.

The countdown is on for Spring Break – 2 more work days! Mom, Melissa, and I are going to Bellingham and Seattle for a few days. I don’t really care what we do while we’re there (besides going to Nordstrom, U Village, and A Muse) – I’m just really excited to get away. I’m looking forward to going to Bellingham because I’ve never been there and it will be fun to see Melissa’s college roommate, Jenn.

My Spring Break plans are not nearly as fun as the group that is going on the art trip to Turkey and Greece! My favorite Youth Group girls are going and some of their parents. It would’ve been a really fun trip to go on! I can’t wait to hear about their adventures and see pictures, of course! Safe travels!

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