March 28, 2011

. goin' to the lake .

It's getting closer...our time at the lake in July. To say I can't wait is a huge understatement. I found this online's our favorite local guy, Mike Wagoner, singing his original song, "Goin' to the Lake." Mom & I fell in love with this song and the lyrics last summer when we were there. It's become a weekly ritual for us while we're there to go to Hills, one of the resorts, on Wednesdays for sushi and live music with Mike Wagoner. If he sings "Goin' to the Lake" AND "Stuck in Spokane," it's been a good night. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do...

(Baumann families and Casper families and Eppich families....I think you'll love this too!)

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Justin & Michelle Klingler said...

Marcie! You are a superhuman! Look at all these amazing craft projects and awesome things you have done. For the love, can you transfer me some of your talents?!?! PS Blake wanted me to tell you hi and that you are a sweetheart and that you were his favorite person. I can't remember his exact words but it was something like that. Anyway, I love you and your family! I hope everything is going well!!