March 25, 2011

. do you pin? .

I have seen different things online about this new (to me) website called Pinterest.

Joining the website is by invite only, so I put a shout out on Facebook to see if one of my friends could give me an invite. Of course, Jamie, who is always ahead of the curve, hooked me up!

Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board. You can “pin” pictures from all over the web to your board (and you can categorize them – which I LOVE big time!). You can also look up by keyword pictures that others have pinned.

I am so HOOKED. I love it. I have spent a lot of time on it – I had extra time this week because we had conferences at school which equals a lot of extra time for me.

I’ve looked up quilts, craft spaces, fabric, jewelry, just about anything I can think of.

Here’s a screenshot of my homepage:


Do you want to pin? I’ll invite ya! It’s more fun with friends!

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