March 14, 2011

. weekend away .

Mom and I were lucky to have a weekend getaway to Seattle this past weekend. We needed the escape from reality and responsibility and drama.

This picture of Kamryn is from last week one night when she came over. This is her favorite face to make right now and I think it’s so funny! I got her a little talking teapot so we can have tea parties when she comes over. It’s pretty cute and so is she!

photo 1

We met Kamryn and her gramma Karen on Saturday morning in Othello and caravanned with them to Seattle. We stopped in Ellensburg for an early lunch at Jenikka’s, a super cute coffee and sandwich shop. Thanks for introducing it to us, Karen!

From there, we headed over the mountain (bare and wet, thankfully!) and went straight to Fife High School to watch the All-State Volleyball games. Kate was chosen as the SCAC Coach of the Year last fall, so then was asked to coach the All-State game. That is such an honor and I’m so glad we were able to watch her! Two girls from CHS were on the All-State team that Kate coached, so that was exciting to watch Michelle and Brooke too! The last match was really close after the team finally found their groove, but ultimately lost the game 3-1.

photo 2

Here’s Kate and her co-coach Josie from Ellensburg. They had a lot in common, so it was fun to coach together, Kate said.

photo 3

After the game, we went to Mali Thai, a favorite of Brian and Megan’s, for dinner to celebrate Brian’s birthday. It was very yummy and fun to be with such great friends.

Kamryn (check out her cute Whitworth onesie!) chewed on a lime while we waited for our food. She wasn’t so sure about it, but kept going for it. She would make a sour face, but I never could get it a good picture of it!

photo 4

Sunday morning, we enjoyed a breakfast at the hotel with the Baumann/Johnson’s then headed out for IKEA. We wandered around IKEA for two hours, inspecting everything! Smile I found a new office chair for the craft room, so looking forward to breaking that in!

We separated from the Baumann/Johnson’s, who went on their way home, while we headed toward Des Moines to a quilt shop that Amy Wieseler told me about.

photo 5

Carriage Country Quilts – it’s an old house and there are bolts of fabric EVERYWHERE! It was pretty overwhelming and the fabric was not really my style.

I had to take a picture of the bolts of fabric even in the bathroom!! Crazy!

photo 1

Mom and I went back to South Center and went to Target, had a late lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and went to Nordstrom. We were both ready to buy some shoes at Nordstrom, but were unimpressed with what they had to offer. Big bummer. We found a$3 movie theater and went to see “Country Strong,” which Mom hadn’t seen yet. Still as good the 2nd time for me!

This morning, we went to our favorite little stamp shop, Impress (I haven’t scrapped or stamped in months – yet still, I couldn’t resist buying some things. What is WRONG with me?!). We made plans with Kristiane to meet up with her, so we had a couple hours before it was time to meet her. We drove around the Capital Hill, Magnolia, and Ballard neighborhoods. We don’t know how we get ourselves into the situations we do, but we seem to always be directionally challenged and go in the opposite direction of the cute little neighborhood shops. Or, we end up in some residential neighborhood with super duper narrow streets with a Sears delivery truck already taking up 75% of the street. We are losers!

We drove and drove and drove around and were about to turn around to finally get on track to go where we were going to meet Kristiane – I looked around and said to Mom, “this looks like a college campus!” Well, what do you know…we literally stumbled upon Seattle Pacific University. Literally. We drove around campus a little bit – wish we could’ve had time to stop at the bookstore because I’m a sucker for college bookstores, but maybe next time. We were about to be late to see Kristiane!

photo 2

We met Kristiane and Laurel at Kristiane’s friend’s house and got to spend a couple hours catching up! It was great to get to meet Laurel and snuggle her a little bit. I hadn’t seen Kristiane in about a year and a half, so it was a much needed visit! I’m so glad it worked out to see each other.

photo 4

photo 5

Mom and I headed home from there via downtown Seattle one more time. A trip to Seattle is not complete without a look at the Space Needle!

We felt like we had a real mini-vacay and feel ready to face the week ahead. It’s not going to be fun or easy, but we’ll get through it. Nothing a little kahlua can’t help along. Smile


Mikaela said...

I love all of your little adventures, Marcie. Kristiane's baby is adorable, too!

melissa said...

so fun! you look way cute:)