April 1, 2011

. yay for spring break! .

Last night I got to hang out with Nick, Kate, and Kamryn. Kamryn is now walking and running instead of crawling. She is developing such a fun and cute personality!


Kate & I were sitting in their living room talking and laughing and Kamryn came over, sat down, and started laughing like she was part of our conversation. That made us laugh so hard, which kept Kamryn laughing. She is so funny!

Nick and Kate are redoing their bedroom, so their bed is in the living room while they work on their room. Kamryn would run through the living room and fling herself on the bed and laugh at herself. I love her personality!

I came home last night feeling kinda queasy and didn’t sleep too well. I went to work still not feeling great and maybe with a bit of  a fever. Jennifer and I worked on scheduling again today…Esther & I sorted the Science HSPEs since the students will take that when we return from Spring Break…and everyone was giddy about Spring Break beginning! Not much April Fool’s pranking today at CHS, which I was pretty surprised about!

The art trip is leaving on Sunday for Greece and Turkey – such a fun group of people going. I can’t wait to hear about their trip and see pictures! I’m a tad super jealous!

We’re heading out tomorrow for our Spring Break trip…anyone want to pack for me?!

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