February 9, 2009

[ yum! }

Since the first of the year, Dad has been travelling to Olympia for a few days each week. This last week, he brought home a special treat that we like to call { dinner }:

YUM! Fresh crab and pan-fried we had delicious asparagus a la Hawkins. (We used Hawkins' recipe that is AMAZING! I could eat it every day! It's just asparagus marinated for 10 minutes in olive oil, Johnny's seasoning salt, and Montreal steak seasoning.)

Anyway - just had to brag....Did I say how amazing it was!?


The Perkins said...

ok--so besides that fact that your fishy pictures made me wanna fish vomit, I am glad you enjoyed. I just looked at Jen's blog and got a yucky feeling in my stomach. It seems as though the little cheer clinic has come and gone and I did nothing. What happened there??? Did I big time drop the ball??? SO SORRY. I can be flogged if necessary!!
New Subject: Amy said that not this weekend but next would work. We would most likely have our kids this time though which is fine. Sat or Sun work for her. You guys could come to my house after church if you want--around 1230--or saturday any time. I dont know if either of those days work for you????? Amy is going to vegas at the end of the month, so she does not have much time. you can come see me anytime though. Which reminds me--next tuesday do you wanna try to see erika's baby???? I didnt know how much time you had???? Sorry lots of stuff in one comment.....

The Perkins said...

are you going to the game tommorrow. emersyn and i are going cause the girls just keep calling us. hope you are!!