February 15, 2009

[ terrible blogger ]

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I guess I haven't had much going on that is blog worthy.
I have been going like crazy - and soooo thankful for this wonderful 4-day weekend. I don't think I've been so excited for days off in a long time!
Backing up...
Thursday, I went to the basketball games in Burbank and met Jessica & Emersyn. Emersyn is growing up to be such a big girl! She has developed a fun personality. It has been a long time since we've gotten to hang out, so it was fun to be together. The games were pretty good too, not that we really watch them.
On Friday, I got my hair colored after school. Small peas, I know, but I love getting my hair cut and colored. I didn't change anything, but it's still wonderful to get a fresh cut and to cover the vast gray that appears after a few weeks.
Friday night, we took Grandma out to dinner at Mei Lings for an early Valentine...Mei Lings is always fabulous!!
Ok - Saturday - Junior Miss in the morning, then I went to the Regional Wrestling Meet that was here yesterday. In high school, I never even went to a wrestling meet, but my first year at CHS, I was coerced into coaching wrestling cheerleading. Although I hated the long long days at tournaments, I grew to appreciate wrestling. Shocking. Anyway - I was excited to support the werestlers yesterday. They are great. It's a difficult sport, but we have some great athletes! I had to leave early, so I'm not sure how many of our students qualified, but CHS will definitely be represented well in Tacoma at the state tournament next weekend.
I met Mom & Dad at Michael Jay's last night for their delish prime rib and seafood buffet. YUM!
That gets us to today. I'm planning on running some errands in the Tri-Cities with my Mom later this morning and then relaxing/crafting this afternoon. Tomorrow is a full day!

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Jennifer Berry said...

OK, you have been tagged!! Go to my blog and find out what to do. Thanks Hunter!! (-: