February 24, 2009

[ tuesday ]

Today was a crazy day. School wasn't anything new, fun, or exciting...nor bad, awful, or frustrating. Just blah. Jennifer and I were looking for things to keep ourselves busy (well, I had plenty to do - but I liked chatting with Jen and helping her find things to keep her busy!). haha....
After school was another story...
I finally got to meet Liam Fife. He is definitely a Fife with the distinct lips, mouth, and chin! He's precious - we just didn't get started on the right foot. Everytime I held him, he cried. Hopefully our next meeting will be more fun!
I went home real quick and got ready for Junior Miss. Tonight was our public ticket sales, so there was apparently a line forming around 2pm this afternoon for the ticket sales that went on sale at 5:30pm. When I looked at 5:30, there was a line almost all the way down to the band room (ticket sales were at the CHS Breezeway with the ticket table at the door of the auditorium). We have about 60 tickets left - out of 400! WOW!
Our practices are becoming fewer in number, so we're trying to pack as much as possible at each practice. Mom and I were frantic getting to practice tonight, so I hope we didn't put that frantic feeling on the contestants. They are on the crescendo and getting more and more prepared for March 14th. It's coming...and fast! AH!
I left JM early to make it to the Beta meeting. Tonight was the wrap up for the Crafting Retreat, so I had a lot to present and talk about. It went well and we are planning on having it again next year. YAY! I proposed some things to make next year better and I think they were well-received. I hope it works out. We did decide to have the retreat at the Clarion again next year - for all of those who are wondering! :) I think it will either be January 29-31 or February 5-7, 2010.
Anyway - got home tonight and had a bowl of Trix. Rehashing the day with the parents. Staying up way past my bedtime. Decided not to go to the Lenten Breakfast tomorrow morning at 6:30am. Tomorrow will be long enough without being out the door at 6:30am. :)


Mikaela said...

Holy COW how do you keep up with your life?! Jr Miss is right around the corner. I'm sure it will be a great performance, and I called my mom yesterday around 5:15, and she was waiting to buy tickets, too! CRAZY!

The Perkins said...

I just realized how much I do not miss my "teacher" schedule. Sometimes I think I need to go back and let someone with better habits teach Emersyn something useful. BUT I don't think my new post baby body could keep up with CHS any more:) Keep it up and in less than a month you can breath and sleep again!!!

Whitney and Vaughn said...

hey miss marcie! i'm so glad i happened to stumble across your blog! does your sis have one too? anyway, it looks like you're staying super busy. a few random notes:

1.) liam is the CUTEST name...i really like it! in fact, maybe we'll add it to our 'if we ever have a kid' name list, haha.

2.) trix are the best:)!

3.) maybe this summer when we visit in august we can all get together? i'd love to see you and mel and have you meet my hubby!

4.) have a wonderful weds:)!!

The Perkins said...

I forgot to mention that I just noticed that Emersyn made the top of your blog--she will be so proud of herself:) My sister was just here and describing the cute stuff she got Emersyn for Easter--a farm animal tray, a piggy plate, and a sippy cup--I didn't have the heart to tell her that you beat her to the punch. Good thing she does not read the blog!!!HA HA. I hope you are finding plenty to do at school--I KNOW YOU ARE!