February 4, 2009

[ one for you jess ]

Ok, Jess...
Here's a post for you.
  • Yes, I cannot believe that Emersyn is almost a year old. Where di the time go!?! I miss hanging out with you guys SOOOO much!!
  • I don't know where that random purple pen came from...and I DON'T think Atty Cat is writing SOS letters from under your bed!
  • I really want to craft with you guys - but I think you will intimidate me!
  • American Idol...I don't like it after auditions are over. I'd rather watch Grey's Anatomy, of course! :)
  • I really really really miss you at CHS...when I'm having a bad day, you're not there to cheer me up and I have no where to hide during lunch duty! Plus - I just miss you and your take on life at CHS.

How's that for a post today!? :)


Jennifer Berry said...

i wanna play

The Perkins said...

I cannot watch shows that require my full attention--I have a hard time sitting still long enough to care. I miss you too. I was just thinking how much fun I had at times (not all the time) but at certain times. Like sometimes at inservice or swearing in your office about Chuck. I don't have an intimidating bone in my body--seriously!!! My current project---unpicking a bunch of stuff that I sewed using too big of a seam and an entire length of fabric that I sewed with a wrong side together with a right side. How is that for intimidation?????