February 7, 2009

[ american bandstand ]

Last night, we enjoyed Pasco High School's 10th Avenue Singers annual show! This is the third year we've gone and I would say that this year's is the best one yet! The theme was "American Bandstand" and they took us from the 1960s to the 1980s in about 2 hours! It was fabulous - they have shows today at 1pm and tonight at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at the door. If you can - GO! It's worth it!
On my list of to-do items today is taking pictures of what I accomplished at the Crafters Getaway last weekend and posting them. I hope it happens! :)


The Perkins said...

That is a good goal because I have been waiting patiently. And patience is not a virtue I have much of--as you well know.

The Davis Diaries said...

Marcie! Hey!! I found you! We are up here now and we need to get together! New baby is totally running life for the time being, but soon I will return to the land of the living! My girls went to a bb game two weeks ago, maybe you saw them glued to Lindsey Salisbury's hip cheerleading! They thought they had died and gone to heaven. (They named their baby sister Lindsey after the Salisbury girl who would babysit when we came up for the summers. They just love her!)Anyway, I will have Chad drop by and give you a howdy, he is long term subbing at Jr. High for a couple months. I looked you up on the NFSD website! So cool that you are a counselor there! :)