February 7, 2009

[ craft projects ]

Finally, I had an opportunity to take some pictures of the scrapbook pages I completed last weekend at the Crafters Getaway, an update to my Scripture Challenge cards, and some other things I've been working on.

Here are the Scripture Challenge cards. The past two weeks' words were change and peace. Finding the "peace" scripture was easy - it's one of my all-time favorite scriptures - John 14:27 {Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.}

Finding the atc cards that these Scripture Challenges are supposed to go on wasn't so easy. I put them in a really safe, really logical place and cannot find them. I have looked on THREE separate occasions and still cannot locate them. I hate when that happens!!
Here are the scrapbook pages I created last weekend, plus a quick one I put together today. Have I said lately how much I love scrapbooking with kits? I love the trendy paper and embellishments that come in the kits (things I would never buy on my own, but love having in my stash and on my pages) and I love having specific instructions that create beautiful pages. I will claim to be crafty, but I am not creative. I have a terrible time coming up with cool looking pages...with that, I leave you with these:
Since they're a little hard to see...
This page is dedicated to Dad being sworn into his 2nd term as Franklin County Commissioner. I haven't finished journaling about it. I have a lot to say. ;)

My Christmas card letter and photo card:

This is us getting ready for Christmas...

Christmas Eve:

Christmas around the house:

(Before you starting giving me a bad time about being caught up on my scrapbooking, let me just tell you that I do not scrapbook in any sort of order. I see what kits I have, the themes, what pictures I have...and pick something that I WANT to scrapbook, not something I HAVE to scrapbook because it comes next in the chronological progression. I have only recently begun scrapping this way and it has really relieved the pressure. I went through many recessions in my scrapbooking because I felt pressure to scrapbook in chronological order and that's just not the way I work. I feel so FREE with this approach!)

My Birthday....a CHANG GOOD TIME!:

Wine Tasting in Chelan:

These are my favorite RED Stampin' Up 3-ring Scrapbooks. I love them. All of the pages inside of them have been created with page kits. ah....

This is a new quilt top that I began working on last weekend....until my sewing machine had to go into time out. I tried taking it out again this morning, but it still is acting up. Not sure what is wrong...I don't know enough about it to screw around with it too much.

My fabric stash is overflowing! I even had to get a separate Rubbermaid tub for it. These are just the charm packs and scraps (and some fat quarters, it looks like). Oh my...

My mom got this basket for my favorite quilting magazines to go in. I really really love this magazine. Like, really really. The projects in it seem do-able to ME and it has more trendy quilt ideas than old-lady ones. I'm picky about that! This magazine only comes out quarterly, but the next one is supposed to be on shelves on March 2nd. You bet I'll be on the lookout!

And, finally - these aren't crafty, but I need them while I craft. I am in love with these Nestle White Fudge Flipz. They're a little hard to find, but I saw them last week at the Dollar Tree, so I loaded up with about 8 bags. I think I need to get a few more while they're there. It's such a great price! I really think they get my creative juices flowing, too...what an excuse!

How's that, Jess?! That should tide you over for a while! :)
I have a grooming appt for Samson next Tuesday (no school - inservice day and I am NOT going!), so maybe we can get together with a Target date again or something. I found some little things for Emersyn when I was in town yesterday.

I have one more crafty thing up my sleeve that I've been holding out on posting a picture of. Kate and I made it for Jessica Fife's baby shower that we're having tomorrow at PF Chang's. I'm not sure if Jessica reads my blog or not and I don't want to chance it since we're pretty excited about our project. I took pictures of it today, so I'll post them tomorrow evening after the shower. You'll have to come back and check it out.


The Perkins said...

i have that magazine too. i love the bags with the staps that go over the top. so cute. There is also a very cute quilt in there with teal and brown. so cute. thanks for the update. I am sure next tuesday would work. i have a doctors appointment at nine, but i am sure you wont be in town by then:) maybe i will even be breathing by the time you see me. did i mention it was an allergy appointment???

Tricia and Eric Freeman said...

I think we need to get together!! Love it ALL!!

The Perkins said...

3 answers...
actually I am not sure. Is your Tuesday off this week or next week. Because I think YOUR day off is next week, but my appointment is THIS Tuesday. My mom told me that I had my dates wrong.
I am not sure about craft day. We have not set anything. When is a good day for you. It will probably be just Amy and me because Fran has Krae's basketball and Bobbie wasn't so much into craft day. Me and you can have a craft day if you are THAT bored:)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brown quilt on the cover too. It looks easy too. I got the other one at Wal mart too.
I hope that enlightened you:) Happy Sunday!!