September 10, 2012

.little containers.

I added two little fun containers to my craft area today and thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites with you!

I picked up this mini strainer at Macy’s today. It’s my favorite shade of aqua and I knew it would be super cute in the craft room!

photo 1

The strainer is from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s.

The pincushion I bought on Etsy from Happy Little Cottage. I’m thinking a pin cushion collection would be fun! :)

 photo 2

The cup and saucer that are holding my mini-charm pack were my Great-Grandma Heider’s. The little prep bowl is from Anthropologie! (I bought it last spring and can’t find the link on the website… sorry!)

 photo 3

This little berry basket from Anthropologie is holding some 2.5” fabric strips that are waiting to be made into binding. I LOVE this berry basket!!

 photo 4

I found this today at Macy’s too. It’s a recipe box, but I think it will take on a different function in the craft room. Just not sure what that is yet! It’s from the Martha Stewart Collection too.

Just a few things that make me smile when I’m in the craft room. Besides my Bernina, of course! We’re working on a bag for a birthday girl right now. Here’s a teaser….the fabric for the bag is in the picture with the recipe box!

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Jessica said...

I love your cute finds...come decorate my craft roonm in your free time:)