September 7, 2012

.friday football vs. Okanogan.

The cheerleaders had a pretty exciting Friday night this week.

New uniforms. YAY!

New boxes to cheer on. YAY!

If I had to choose which one I was more excited about…it’d have to be the uniforms, but the boxes are pretty sweet too.

Plus all 8 girls got to cheer this week!


I love when they do the “Ola Ola Ay” cheer and get friends from the student section to come join them. I think everyone enjoys it!



Boxes are studly! Can’t wait for next week when they’ll have the girl's names on them too!


We’re bringing back the cups in the fence this year. I encouraged them to start with something easy, so CHS it was. Good thing – it took a while to remember how to do it!


Sommer and Madi – the partner stunt CHAMPS! Shoulder stands aren’t enough anymore …the camp instructors taught them this, which is super impressive!


  IMG_2317 IMG_2324

The halftime performance was the cheer, transition cheer, and dance with stunt that they learned at camp and did at the first day of school assembly. They did a great job – so proud of them!

IMG_2325 IMG_2328 IMG_2329  IMG_2333  IMG_2343  IMG_2345

I didn’t get a great picture of the stunt – it looked awesome when it was up!



My camera decided to quit working when I was trying to get the group picture…so, sorry Kayla, not the most flattering of you! Check out the awesome uniforms though – so so happy with how they turned out!


Oh, and the football game… :) The boys won in OT, 24-23. I have a sneaking suspicion that we won’t be having any games with a running clock this year, darn it. That sure helped when it was bone chilling cold outside! Hoping for the best for our Eags though!

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Jessica said...

The new uniforms look fantastic...good choice:) Which one gets the boot...haha!!