September 18, 2012

.all in a day.

Whew this week has already been a little crazy!

I had a pleasant surprise on my desk this morning from a student that returned from a year in Mexico. Last week, I was sitting outside at lunchtime with her and a group of her friends. They were asking me why there weren’t any exchange students this year and I said there are! Joanna! :)

photo 1

Cheer team pictures were after school today. The girls looked great in their new uniforms! The football team even asked them to be in their team picture – very cool! The senior boys and the senior cheerleaders took a picture together that I can’t wait to see! The girls took their individual pictures on their boxes with their names – I think they’ll turn out super cute!

 photo 2

We had a parent meeting this evening for parents & seniors who haven’t met one or more of the graduation requirements. Of the 20 families we invited, only 9 showed up despite 2 phone calls, a mailed invitation, and a hand delivered invitation. Bummer.

My Mom brought me Starbucks this evening…more than makes up for the chaos this week has been so far and maybe it will be just the thing to turn around the mood for the rest of the week!

 photo 3

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melissa said...

they are all soooo pretty! i <3 that the boys asked them to be in their picture, and what a great idea to take a senior pic with the boys...and i can't wait to see their individuals on their boxes! way to go, coach!!