September 8, 2012

.fall festival weekend.

Today was the big Fall Festival in Connell. I woke up with a headache, but managed to make it to the parade and drive my parents through the parade. Isn’t this a great picture of them?!

 photo 2

Good thing Dad had Mom along with him…she was Ms. Popular with all of her students yelling at her all the way down the street. “Mrs. Koch! Mrs. Koch! I want candy Mrs. Koch! Mrs. Koch, over here!” etc etc etc! If only they could vote! It was fun to see all the support Dad has in our community and to get to see lots of people along the parade route!

I entered three quilts into the Art show at the Community Center. Unfortunately, there were only 3 other entries, which was a big bummer! I *KNOW* there are lots of quilters around Connell!!

I thought this one would win, if any of them did, but it didn’t receive anything!

 photo 3

My t-shirt quilt – I haven’t shared any pictures of it yet because it’s too hard to hold up and take a picture! It won the People’s Choice Award which was really cool! Good choice, friends!

 photo 4

This one I made for Mom in honor of her heart…and I named it “A Precious Heart.” It received the Third Place ribbon!

 photo 5

Connie & Norma Jeanne came for the weekend so it was fun to spend time with them, as always! I didn’t make it to the street dance…I still was fighting a headache and didn’t think the loud music would help me any!

Next year, quilting friends…enter your quilts in the Art Show! It’s no fun to be the only one showing!!!!

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