May 19, 2010 out world!...

Melissa is sewing!
She asked me to help her make a baby shower gift for a friend - so we went to work this evening on a changing pad, receiving blanket, and burp cloths. She wanted to take a turn "pushing it through" as she said. I got her started on the changing pad and then she took over. She did a great job!
I told her she should've taken my old sewing machine when I offered it!

She looks like she's been doing it for a while now!

Here's part of the gift we completed. The changing pad is on left and the receiving blanket on the right.

Apparently, she got the sewing itch because then she wanted to sew pillow cases to go on her new guest bed. They turned out very cute too!

In other fun news today - I got a second monitor at work! YAY! I'm so excited!!
I was super duper DUPER jealous when Jennifer got one a few months ago....and wha la! I have my own now! Pretty exciting!!


melissa said...

Thanks for helping me! Let's be honest, I didn't do much with the baby gifts:)
first LASIK, now these beatiful monitors, you must love your job! Or, see everything easier; now! Congrats!:)

The Perkins said...

It is a little bit addicting---just ask Emersyn's closet:) BTW---what do you DOOO with 2 monitors????

American Quilter's Society said...

These are precious! You BOTH did a great job, keep it up!

Countrylivn' said...

Way to go Melissa (and Marcie!) looks like fun! You must be a SUPER multi-tasker if you need/get two monitors! Im AMAZED!!! You Rock!