May 25, 2010


Last summer, I saw this quilt on this blog: Cluck Cluck Sew.
(click to go to the post about this quilt)

Since then, I've thought that it would be fun to make such a quilt. I've casually looked around at garage sales and places like that.
Well, tonight we stopped by to see my Grandma at her storage unit and one lone pillowcase caught my eye.
Well, that turned into this:

Hello! Vintage Sheet Jackpot!
So, I've got Grandma on the lookout for more vintage sheets.
I kept asking her if she was getting the vibe I was going for.
She kept saying yes, even though I'm still not sure she's actually got it. :)
Oh well - the more the merrier!

1 comment:

The Perkins said...

Every time I see vintage sheets on blogs I see at least ONE that we had growing up. My mom probably still uses them and has NO idea she is vintage:)