May 28, 2010

...some old friends...

Last night, I got to visit some old friends...
Yep - Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. :) It was a great reunion!

Mom, Melissa, Amy, & I went to see Sex & The City 2 on opening night.
I did my thing and read some reviews yesterday that weren't very flattering - I should've learned my lesson by now that I don't usually agree with movie reviews (case in point: The Hurt Locker won the Oscar for Best Picture - NOT my favorite movie AT ALL!).
The movie did not disappoint. It was great to be back in the company of some old friends.
As always, their clothes & shoes were out-of-this-world amazing! Like these, in the opening scene:

One of my favorite parts was this flashback to when Carrie met each of the girls:

Did you not expect Miranda to look like that in 1986? Seriously? It's too much!

Great movie - worth the $9.50 that they rob you of just to see a movie.

{I got an email this morning from Melissa with these pictures and this text: If I had a blog, I'd blog about this. Point taken. :) }


The Perkins said...

Amy is gonna be super bummed that you saw it already. she was hoping you would be her movie buddy---i am not a fan of the shows. not cause i dont like them----i have just never seen them (why start now???)

The Wieselers said...

I'm jealous! I want to see it , maybe soon!

melissa said...

i want those gold shoes. i really really want them.