May 2, 2010 the the MALL...

On Thursday, Mom & I took the 2010 Junior Miss girls to the Tri-Cities to find their "travel outfits" (what they wear to and from parades & to special events). It sounds like it'd be fun right? You're right - it was. :)

Here are their cute outfits they found:

Kendall Taylor, Laryn Wells (JM), Alice Phongsa, Ali Erickson, and Crystal Clyde

Aren't their outfits cute? I think it works with each of their individual personalities. They look like something each of them would've bought on their own.

We didn't go to the Tri-Cities until after practice and then we were mean and withheld food from them until they found their outfits. Mean mean mean! It made them make deicisons faster (sneaky sneaky!).

We celebrate our shopping success at Red Robin! Guess who came to visit?!

And it was Kendall's "birthday"!

We're looking forward to going to the Lilac Parade in Spokane with these girls in a few weeks. If you can imagine, it's quite a comical time with this group of girls! To know them is to love them. hehe

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Michael and Anita said...

Yay for Junior Miss. :) I love the outfits! And good call on no food until they chose--I think that worked with us, too. :)