May 23, 2010

...brian & megan baumann...

Mom, Dad, and I headed over to Poulsbo, WA for the wedding of Brian Baumann and Megan Brose on Saturday! It was a beautiful ceremony, not only joining the lives of Brian and Megan, but joining their families as well.

Brian dancing with his beautiful Mom!!

And, the star of the show - Kamryn! I commented to her parents earlier this week that I was afraid she might steal the spotlight from the bride, but I think they shared it equally! Kamryn doesn't seem too enthused about the whole thing. :)

Dick and David Baumann - two great guys!

Auntie Ang and Kamryn enjoying the reception.

We explored downtown Poulsbo this morning. It's a cute little town with Scandinavian vibes and influences.

I spotted this sign at one of the cute, authentic bakeries and had to take a picture for my Heider family!

THEN - I saw this shirt and HAD to get it for my Uncle Mark. TOO funny!!

Main Street, Poulsbo

A little alley way - so cute!

I really enjoyed Poulsbo - looking forward to going back someday! Thanks Brian & Megan for bringing us here!

We rode the ferry back to Seattle - one of my favorite things!

Does this remind anyone else of the movie "Double Jeopardy?!"

Arriving in Seattle to the beautiful skyline!

We made a quick detour to IKEA so that I could replace my desk chair that BIT IT in my office a few weeks ago.
Fun weekend...great celebration...

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