April 10, 2010 year....

I missed getting to reflect on this on the actual on year anniversary, so this will have to do.

April 8/9 is the anniversary of Mom's...what do you call it? Incident? Stay in Seattle?
We took her to the emergency room around 10pm on April 8, but nothing happened until April 9 - thus, the April 8/9 date.

For a few days, we were not sure what life would look like a year down the road, even a week down the road.
A year later, Mom has made an amazing recovery. If you didn't know about her surgery, you'd never know by looking at her. It's incredible to me. She has defied the odds.

Last week, Mom, Melissa, and I went to Seattle for a mini-vacay. It was a great way to celebrate her recovery. So thankful for everyone's prayers and support. I can't explain how much it means and what a difference it's made.


The Perkins said...

I love your momma AND I love the D bag--not in the same way though:)

ellsworth family said...

A year already? I am so glad everything turned out great.
You bag is so cute also.

The Perkins said...

ok. here is the explanation of the new pages--I think. Go to new post. then there will be a tab for add pages---or something like that. click on the tab. it will have you name your pages. then you make the new page just like a regular post. you can add pictures, words, etc. call me if that makes no sense or doesnt work. it took lots of trial and error to get it to look right!!!!

The Perkins said...

ok. so i just looked again and it is edit pages---not add pages. FYI!!

The Perkins said...

YAY---you have pages:)