April 5, 2010

...april fools...

I can't let April Fools Day go by without blogging about my Grandma.... :)

My Grandma LOVES - L.O.V.E.S - April Fools Day! Growing up, she'd always call us before school and try to joke us. She'd think for weeks ahead for just the right joke for each of us. More than the joke itself, SHE cracked us up by how into April Fools Day she was!

This year, Mom, Melissa, and I thought that'd we'd play a joke on her! We were on our way to Kennewick for my LASIK surgery on Thursday morning about 7:45am. We thought of a good one, but Melissa & I weren't sure if we should call Grandma that early. She's a Jimmy Kimmel watching night owl. :) Mom said go ahead and call and maybe we can catch her off guard. Here's how it went down:

Background: The night before, Melissa had boughten a plane ticket for Grandma for Vegas online.
(Mom, Melissa, Grandma, my cousin Lisa, and I are all going in June - YAY!!)

Melissa: Good Morning, Grandma. I just got an email from Allegiant Air that there was a mistake with your ticket and they undercharged you by $300. I was just wondering if you still wanted to go....or if you wanted to put it on your credit card....??

Grandma: Let's is...Thursday....APRIL FOOLS!

Man! We thought we'd really get her this year.
Grandma then went on to tell Melissa how she could've made the story more believeable:
"When you said $300, I knew that couldn't be right...that was too much. You should've said my credit card didn't go through!"

We tried to outsmart the April Fools Queen, but fell short. She's that good.:)

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