April 14, 2010

...Kamryn Baumann Johnson...

Welcome to the world

Kamryn Baumann Johnson

Tuesday, April13, 2010
8lbs, 2oz, 20 in

{Thanks for the picture Grandma Karen!}

Mom, Melissa, and I went to meet her on Tuesday after school. She is precious and perfect! Kate is a champ and Nick couldn't be more proud.
I had a dentist appointment this morning, so convienently got to stop by again.
It's great to see them together as a family.

While I was there, Nick and Kate asked me to be Kamryn's godmother.
I was so surprised to be asked, but incredibly honored as well.
I feel so blessed to be able to be part of this new life and can't wait to see how she'll change the world.

I heard this song on the radio today on the way to the Tri-Cities and just about started crying listening to it while thinking of sweet Kamryn. It's one of my favorites right now - it's even my ringtone!
This is the chorus:

Be strong in the Lord
and never give up hope.
You're going to do great things,
I already know.
God's got His hand on you so,
Don't live life in fear.
Forgive and forget,
but don't forget why you're here.
Take your time and pray,
Thank God for each day.


Mikaela said...

She is so beautiful! You will be the best godmother around, Marcie! Congrats to Nick and Kate!

Melissa said...

she is so special!!!!!

Countrylivn' said...

Nick is a DAD!! So fun! Congrats, you are a PERFECT Godmother! She is beautiful! Congrats to ALL!