April 2, 2010

...Grandma Jean's Sewing Machine...

Around my birthday, my Aunt Kim passed on my Grandma Jean's sewing machine to me. She couldn't quite remember how she gained possession of it, but she and her friend Donna had tried to figure out how to thread it because there was no manual with it. Back in December, I found the manual online and it got sent to my email. I researched online about it at that time and found out it was a top of the line Kenmore from Sears (at it's time), which doesn't surprise me, knowing my Grandma.
I haven't tried it out until now because whenever I have some free moments to go to the craft room, I want to maximize my time and actually do something!

Well, Kate borrowed my machine last weekend while we were in Seattle and she's still using it - which is great - I'm very happy to share and it gave me an opportunity to finally get out Grandma's machine.

I explored around the the manual....and got it threaded! Success!

I even figured out how to wind the bobbin. Look how many stitches it has!
It has NO accessories with it though - that could make things difficult to use it for anything besides straight line stitching.
I figured out where to place the needle to get a 1/4" stitch. Whoo hoo!
and I started on a new table runner - a pattern that I picked up at the quilt store in Bothell.
I think it's pretty cool to get to use my Grandma's machine. I remember watching her sew when I was younger and helping her cut out patterns - she sewed clothes, not quilted.


The Perkins said...

How fun. I love the flower--I think it was a flower anyway...maybe i should wait until I see the finished product:)

Jake & Hannah said...

Love it! How in the world did you get so crafty? Definately a talent you have!