April 2, 2010

...birthday girl....

This sweet little girl (who has a brand new wardrobe lately thanks to her creative repurposing momma) is about to turn 2 years old on April 28th!

I've had the idea for what to make for her birthday present for a while now and finally got to do it last weekend! I know it's a little early for her birthday, but I'm excited about it and had to share. I'm pretty sure her Mom will keep the secret for a few more weeks. :)

I made a coloring book tote for the girl that loves to "color color." I think those might have been her first words?! :)

and to go with it - a crayon roll-up.

I realize this may be the only time that all 16 crayons with sharp tips are neatly put in their's not a real practical gift for a two year old. :) Plus, she has a thing for biting off the tips of her crayons.

I hope she loves it. If she doesn't - I know a 25 1/2 year old that *really really* wants it.


Countrylivn' said...

Oh MY! It is darling! I am positive little Em has good taste, and I KNOW she will love it, that is if her mom doesnt try and steal it for a super cute tote for herself! haha! you are so amazing!

The Perkins said...

I just got little tears in my eyes when I read the first 3 or 4 words and realized you were talking about MY little 2 year old!!! How beautiful:) She will LOVE it. You are such a nice Auntie to my little Bug. I hope you are feeling good and looking at everything with your NEW eyest:) Love ya!!

The Wieselers said...

ADORABLE! Little Miss Moo will love it- you're so crafty and now you can see when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night- I'm green with jealousy!

Jane Clark said...

My girls have a coloring bad with one of those roll up crayon things that I love!! They are great for church and trips in the car. Good gift Marcie adn of course, it is super cute!

ellsworth family said...