April 26, 2010

...I have a lot to catch up on...

This last week flew by and was filled to the top with all kinds of activities.
Last week was cheer tryouts for 2010-2011. We had 21 girls tryout and have full squads for next year! YAY! The girls started a candy bar fundraiser right after tryouts.
You should've seen the looks Melissa & I got when we were in Costco buying $1000 in candy bars. Try it sometime. :)
Here they are hanging out in my office until I could take them to the cheer closet:

This past weekend, Melissa, Mom, Amy, & I went to a Scrappers Getaway at the Palouse Divide Lodge outside of Potlatch, Idaho. Melissa & I had gone two years ago - she, Mom, and I had planned to go last year, but couldn't after Mom's surgery, so we were all excited and ready for this year! I hadn't scrapbooked in over a year since I started quilting - I didn't even know where to start!
I figured it out quickly and ended up getting 19 double page spreads done. Whoop whoop!

Here's the lodge - thanks for the picture Debbie!

The view from the lodge - beautiful North Idaho!

We made these ribbons for the new cheerleaders, then Melissa painted their names and graduation years on them. So cute!

Tonight, Mom & I went to visit Nick, Kate, and Kamryn. She's almost two weeks old and has changed so much since I saw her last week.

So - nothing too exciting. I'm working on a birthday present quilt this week, Preschool Taco Feed on Wednesday, plus getting ready for AP testing at school next week. Gotta catch up on sleep sometime!


The Perkins said...

I am glad you ladies had a good time. If you are ever at a loss for what to scrapbook I have a TON of stuff here I would let you borrow:) My poor kid will have a shoe box full for each year of her life at the rate I am going:)

Jake & Hannah said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the headbands and flowers for Kaylee. You are quite the talented woman! Thank you so much!!!