June 5, 2012

.oldies but goodies.

Tonight some friends from high school and I got together for dinner…this happens so rarely, so it was really fun to get to spend time with them!
photo 2 
Shannon is in town this week for her sister Allyson’s graduation – and the rest of us live around here, but never make the time to get together – so thanks, Shan, for helping us take the time to get together!
photo 3
Libby, Lindsay, Shannon, Kelli, & Marcie
even Miss Harper (2 1/2 weeks old!) got to have her first girls night out!

I feel like I write about my friends a lot on my blog – but I still feel like I need to write more!
These girls have been such an integral piece of the fabric of my life. Our lives are interwoven with inside jokes & memories and shared experiences. I am so lucky to have them in my life and to share a friendship that lasts for years and years. I’ve known Kelli & Lindsay since before kindergarten! Even though we don’t get to see each other often or talk much, I still count them as dear friends and would do anything for them!
We missed you, Jenn, Jilayne, & Christine – and everyone else that doesn’t live around here. Hope it’s not such a long time before our next get together!

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Hannah said...

So jealous I wasnt' there, looks like a lot of fun!!!