June 24, 2012

.los angeles or bust.

My cousin Craig has accepted a new job…which is located in Marina del Ray! So – he’s off to Los Angeles tomorrow!

His Mom hosted a Going Away Party, so we went and represented the Heider fam!

We had a Heider cousin picture on the hearth just like old times. We are missing Lisa and Melissa.


Grandma and Craig


We had to take some self-portraits, of course!


“DON’T touch me!” She likes to stick her finger right up next to me and say, “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!”


Marcia and Carla:

Karlye started calling me Marcia a few weeks ago, which I don’t love, but it’s not really worth the fight to get her to stop. Today I decided I needed to come up with something equally as dreadful to call her. So, Carla it is. She was offended and said Carla reminded her of this awful lady that my Mom had to work with in the CHS library yeas ago, “but it’s ok because her name was with a ‘C’ and mine is with a ‘K’.” Nope, no it’s not! Carla with a C!


Good luck on your new adventure Craig! I know you’ll feel right at home in no time! Maybe we should plan a cousin trip to LA?! How fun would that be!?

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melissa said...

ahhh! cute!! sad i missed the photo shoot :(